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Community Information

Resources and articles that Alouette has procured for reference to illicit drug use in our community, and general public information.

Articles listed below will redirect viewers to external websites. Alouette is in no way liable for the content contained within.

Opioids and the elephant in the room

We have a great deal of knowledge about the opioid crisis, but we need to put it to better and greater use

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Decriminalization in the midst of an opioid crisis

Declared a public health emergency in 2016, the opioid crisis is not a criminal justice issue

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BC Coroners Service Death Review Panel: A Review of Illicit Drug Toxicity Deaths

Report to the Chief Coroner of British Columbia

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Alouette Addictions says government would allow too much fentanyl

Proposal to decriminalize 4.5 grams ‘crazy’ amount

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